About Us

Inverted Atlas is a Tour operator and Travel company dedicated to helping travelers experience the world in a unique way. We travel through some of the most remote destinations on Earth, as well as places which are considered well-trodden paths. Whether you have never been to the destination before or you’re on your fifth visit, we guarantee that a visit on an Inverted Atlas trip will be unique and like no other. Inverted Atlas trips include unique experiences like helping out in the Golden Temple in Amritsar in India to traversing the dunes of Sudan and exploring the pyramids of Meroë. Witness traditional shamanic practice in Siberia, explore caves and underground rivers in Australia’s Blue Mountains and watch the sunset over the Aral Sea ship graveyard in western Uzbekistan.

In the evening check in to traditional and unique accommodation. Ever stayed in a tree house in Turkey, a Ger in Mongolia or a working cattle station in outback Australia? Included meals will always include the most local options where possible and sometimes you may even learn to cook the food yourself from local people with recipes stretching back generations in their family.

At Inverted Atlas, we promise that wherever possible, everything on our trips will always be a unique experience.

Inverted Atlas in an Australian based tour operator company, with well-traveled staff and local partners all over the world.

About Our Owner – Kristina Wilson

Kristina is a big part of the logistical and creative power here at Inverted Atlas. Kristina enjoys working out the best way to get from A to B (or sometimes the most fun way) and finding new and exciting things for our travellers to explore and discover while they are on the road with us.

 She has a passion for the undiscovered, obscure and weird and deserted places and also for doing things a bit differently. Kristina has travelled to all seven continents including Antarctica and has lived out of a suitcase as a trip leader in Central Asia and on the Trans-Mongolian Railway, as well as travelled widely in other Inverted Atlas destinations. Kristina is passionate about giving back in the destinations which we travel, and it is her mission to ensure as many people benefit from the adventures of Inverted Atlas around the world as possible.

Kristina has worked in the travel industry both in Australia and abroad for over fifteen years, in tour product design, retail travel and front line tour leading. Kristina has a Masters Degree in Ancient History specialising in Egyptology from Macquarie University and is our resident expert on our archaeology tours.

Kristina’s next tour is our Invaders, Traders & Pyramid Builders archaeology tour to Egypt, departing 29th December 2022.