Our Destinations

Explore a unique world with Inverted Atlas

At Inverted Atlas we select our destinations carefully and based on a range of criteria. They can range from emerging destinations like Sudan or Saudi Arabia or can be relatively well-travelled such as Egypt or India, which will frequently stray far from the well-travelled tourist trail. Our destinations are often places we feel have been misrepresented like Iran, misunderstood like Russia or under-visited hidden gems like Kyrgyzstan. Sometimes for us, it isn’t completely about the destination, its about the journey like taking off along the Silk Road and following in the footsteps of Marco Polo or traversing the Eurasian continent on the world’s longest train journey and drinking vodka with new local friends as you rocket through Siberia.

At Inverted Atlas, wherever the journey takes you, we feel you’ll always find that our destinations have something unique to offer.