Our Unique style trip

Our classic trip! Enjoy unique places to stay from Ger Camps in Mongolia to Siberian Chalets, as well as homestays, permanent tents, former palaces, riads, working cattle stations and more! Activities included on these trips range from visiting deserted, far flung and little-known wonders to the occasional bucket list must-sees. Meals which are included are always local and transport provides a good mix of coaches and local trains, buses, boats and pretty much anything else that moves.

Unique style trips are designed as slow travel, they provide more time in the destination with a mix of included sightseeing and free time to enable you to really get to know the place in which you’re traveling. Optional activities are available for purchase prior to departure in some cities where free time is scheduled.


  • Minimum 3-star unique accommodation in twin share (unless otherwise specified). Single room supplement available for an additional fee or can elect to share with a traveler of the same sex
  • Mix of local transport where appropriate and coach travel
  • Meals included as per itinerary usually most breakfasts (B) some lunches (L) and dinners (D)
  • Good mix of free time and included sightseeing and activities
  • Optional activities available for purchase during free time
  • Minimal time in arrival/departure location to maximise time in destinations along the way. Additional nights before and after the trip available for purchase, along with short optional pre/post trips in some locations.
Tour to Jordan

Lost Cities & Bedouin Tents

Discover a land brimming with archaeological treasures and lost cities on this epic adventure through the sandy, barren and beautiful landscapes of Jordan. Marvel at the vastness of the site of Jerash in the country’s north and safari into the east to explore Jordan’s remote desert castles. Spend a day tending a flock of sheep with a local shepherd and another floating in the Dead Sea, the lowest place on Earth. Go on Safari for Oryzx at Azraq, see the intriguing Madaba Map and view the expanse of Jordan from the top of Mt Nebo.

We feel no trip to Jordan would be complete without a trip to the ‘lost city of Petra’ and don’t worry we give you plenty of free time to explore the site on your own. So, don your Indiana Jones hat, jump on a horse and ride down through the Siq and explore for yourself – follow us! We know the way!

Accommodation on this trip is a real stand-out! Stay at some of Jordan’s best eco-lodges, a resort on the Dead Sea, cabins in Ajloun and traditional boutique family run establishments throughout.

The Hippy Trail

Embark on an expedition to India’s spiritual north on this 25-day quest for enlightenment in a region that will inspire and captivate you at every turn. Stroll along the holy river Ganges and try a yoga lesson in Rishikesh, marvel at the splendour of the Golden Temple in Amritsar and volunteer in one of the world’s largest kitchens to help feed the hungry. Explore ‘Little Lhasa’, the home of Tibetan Buddhism in India in Dharamshala and visit India’s highest and most boutique tea producing region for a walk through the gardens and a cheeky cuppa. Feast your eyes on the technicolour carpet of the ‘Valley of Flowers’ on an optional 3-day trek and try to spot India’s most majestic inhabitant, the Bengal Tiger, in the deep, dark jungle.

The Hippy Trail - Spiritual North India

Magic Carpet Ride

All aboard the Trans-Iranian Railway! Beginning in Sari, near the shores of the Caspian Sea, travel all the way to Bandar Imam Khomeni on the Persian Gulf. We start our trip in Mashhad, assisting a local family with the saffron harvest and a visit to the spectacular Imam Reza holy shrine. We will visit the towns of Neyshabur and Damghan, with an opportunity to visit the strange calcium terraces of Badab Soort along the way. Taking a break from the train in the capital Tehran we will visit the so-called ‘Den of Espionage’ and the spectacular Golestan Palace before re-joining the train to the small city of Qom and onto the remote towns of Arak, Ahvaz and IMA, where we will visit an ancient Ziggurat. At the end of our rail journey, we will travel to Shiraz to visit the ‘pink mosque’ and Shapouri Pavilion.

This trip stays in unique accommodation such as eco-lodges and guest houses as well as some locally owned and operated traditional hotels. Marvel at the spectacular scenery out your window as it goes by, with the majority of this trip on the tracks, and savour traditional treats and a slower pace with stops at unique restaurants, coffee shops and for local snacks while sightseeing.

Shamans & Spacemen

Step back into the past of the ancient Silk Road and blast off into the future of space travel on this in-depth adventure of magnificent Kazakhstan, a land of colourful characters, glittering tiled mausoleums and palaces, vast landscapes, scientific endeavours and diverse cities.

Celebrate a country whose legacy spans the days of ancient khans, nomadic pilgrimages and the cold war, and where a fierce spirit of independence and unique national identity is emerging 30 years after declaring independence. Explore remote national parks with limestone formations that rival Monument Valley and unique endemic bird life and sail the Caspian Sea. Spend a day with fishermen in remote villages in the Aral Sea, and spend a night on a honey farm with beekeepers in a fairy-tale forest, where you will be lulled to sleep with honey-steeped tea and bedtime stories.

Explore iconic Dark Tourism sites including an abandoned bomber plane hangar, visit the National Nuclear Research Facility and discover the country’s contribution to the Russian space program with a day at the spaceport of Baikonur.

This is Kazakhstan – a country of contrasts and anachronisms, of storied history, modern innovations and traditional lifestyles that simply defies being categorised. Travel where few have stepped before you and conquer one of Earth’s lost frontiers.

Into the Wild. Kyrgyzstan

In one of the least visited regions on Earth, take a walk in the wild in Kyrgyzstan, land of horse games and eagle hunters. Explore the ancient cities of the Karakhanids, with visits to the sites of Uzgen and Balasagun and gaze in wonder at the ramparts of the mysterious fortress of Koshoy Kurgan. Hike among some of the most impressive works of nature on the planet with stays in the majestic Jeti Oguz gorge and hikes around the southern lakes of Kol-Suu and Son-Kul. Take a journey along the silk road with a stay near the caravanserai lodge at Tash-Rabat and view a twinkling night sky full of millions of stars from the step of your yurt. Although Kyrgyzstan is already off the beaten track, go one step further with visits to the scenic village of Jyrgalan and the remote beautiful lake of Sary-Chelek.

Wake up among the stunning natural beauty of Kyrgyzstan with stays in nomadic yurts and enjoy the warm hospitality of the local people with stays in small guesthouses and homestays in small towns and villages.

Colourful Rajasthan

Get ready for an assault on the senses with this journey into one of India’s most colourful and enchanting regions. Explore the hidden side of the ‘pink city’ of Jaipur, take a boat ride on Lake Picchola in the ‘white city’ of Udaipur, get lost in the winding streets of the ‘blue city’ of Jodhpur and dodge sacred cows in the ‘fort city’ of Jaisalmer. Participate in a spiritual Aarti ceremony in Pushkar, visit the not-so-famous Chittorgarh fort and visit Delhi’s ultra-impressive Jama Masjid or Friday Mosque. After exploring Rajasthan’s bustling and exciting cities, escape to the wild and go in search of Bengal Tigers in Sariska Tiger Reserve, spot waterbirds near Khichan and adventure into the Thar Desert on an (optional) overnight camel safari.

As part of your adventure in Rajasthan, stay in converted forts, some of which are hundreds of years old, former palaces that were once home to royalty, and revel in the silence of India’s desert camps.

Tour to Rajasthan

Heart of the Silk Road

*** New departure coming soon ***

Trace the footsteps of legends, heroes and ancient traders on this legendary journey through the heart of the Silk Road. Venture into the unknown in the far west autonomous republic of Karalkalpakstan, a place where few travellers have set foot, to camp on the shores of the Aral Sea, investigate the ship graveyard of Moynaq and view the enigmatic ‘Tower of Silence’ outside Chilpik – integral to the mysterious religion of Zoroastrianism. Visit the fertile Fergana region to learn about silk production, still a trade staple in this part of the world. Explore the legendary cities of Bukhara, Samarkand and Khiva and visit the birthplace of the national hero Tamerlane in Shakhrisabz. Journey into the perilous red sands of the Kyzylkum, to explore desert fortresses, visit ancient caravanserais and taste delicious food cooked on a Saksaul tree and eaten around a campfire.

As part of the adventure, stay in yurt camps both on the edge of the Aral Sea and among a population of ethnic Kazakh nomads in the Kyzylkum desert, as well as converted former mansions, and historic and unique hotels throughout.