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Unique villages of Iran - travel article


The Unique Villages of Iran

Why you should visit the unique villages of Iran.

Our travel tech guide - travel article


Our Travel Tech Guide

Your comprehensive guide to travel tech support on the road.


The Enigmatic ‘Osirion’

Unlock the mystery of this partially buried temple in Egypt in this travel article.


Silk Road Border Crossings

Travel article detailing what to expect when crossing borders on the Silk Road Trail.


Towers of Silence

Discover the funerary rites of the ancient Zoroastrian religion.


War & Peace

A great example of what can go wrong trying to visit remote sites on your own as told by Inverted Atlas owner Kristina Wilson while travelling in central Turkey.


The Beatles Ashram

Deep in the jungle of north India is the abandoned Beatles Ashram. Think its all holding hands and singing ‘Let it be’, think again.


Underrated Destination: Tunisia

Why you should visit the underrated destination of Tunisia. A country which really does have a bit of everything.

How to become a tour leader - travel article


How to become a tour leader

A great guide on how to become a tour leader and hopefully answer the question, ‘Is this amazing job right for you?’

5 Stans - Travel article


The Five ‘Stans’ of Central Asia

A comprehensive travel article as to why you should visit the five ‘stans’ of Central Asia.


Pyramids of Sudan

Did you know Sudan has more pyramids than Egypt? Best of all they’re deserted!

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Get our FREE Egypt for the Savvy Traveller Fact Sheet

The info even the most seasoned traveller to Egypt wants to get their hands on!


5 off the Beaten Path Attractions to see in Jordan

Get beyond the Indiana Jones hats and the ‘Canyon of the Crescent Moon’ with these 5 rarely visited sites in Jordan.


10 Unique and Unusual things to see in Egypt

Get off the beaten path and away from the throngs of tourists by visiting some of Egypt’s hidden wonders.


The Observatory of Ulugh Beg

Explore an astronomical observatory built almost 200 years before the birth of Galileo.


Why you should visit Egypt NOW

From special experiences, to reduced crowds and almost zero COVID restrictions, find out why you should visit Egypt, NOW.


8 Unusual & Strange things to see in Iran

Our guide to Iran’s ‘outside-the-box’ attractions.