Special Interest

Our Special Interest Trips

These are trips for travelers who really want to focus on a particular interest. These trips usually run to the same standard as our unique trips unless otherwise specified. Our special interest trips could be anything from a ballet trip to Russia focusing on performances in the country’s historic ballet theatres to a wildlife or eco tour to spot sloths in the rainforests of Costa Rica.

From time to time Inverted Atlas may chose to partner with an organisation which matches the focus of the trip and to travel to destinations which would normally be outside of our usual area of travel.


  • 3-star unique accommodation in twin share (unless otherwise specified). Single room supplement available for an additional fee or can elect to share with a traveler of the same sex
  • Coach travel between locations unless not practical or the transport adds to the experience
  • Meals included as per itinerary, usually most breakfasts (B) some lunches (L) and dinners (D)
  • Most activities included and tailored to the theme of the trip
  • Time in arrival/departure cities dependent on trip and theme

Our favorite Special Interest Trips

Egypt Archaeology tour

Invaders, Traders & Pyramid Builders

Prepare yourself, for an immersive Egyptological expedition that defies imagination, in quest of the unknown, the elaborate and the off-limits in the land of the pharaohs. Thanks to special government permission, access the Valley of the Kings at night, participate in an active archaeological dig and stand in the Sphinx enclosure at Giza right between the paws of the ancient stone beast. Explore the opulent tomb of Nefertari, in the Valley of the Queens, and the immense tomb of Seti I, both recently the subject of years of ongoing renovations. Discover the extensive subterranean labyrinths of the Step-Pyramid of King Djoser and the Serapeum, the tomb of the Apis Bull at Saqqara and venture into the deserts of middle Egypt to explore the tombs of the Amarna period at Beni Hassan and Akhenaten’s lost city in the desert.

In addition to the unreal Egyptological experiences on offer, journey into the Fayoum Oasis to discover the whale fossils in the desert, wander the streets of the village of Tunis; considered one of the most beautiful villages in Egypt and discover Egyptian cuisine and medieval architecture with a food walk through old Islamic Cairo

Stay in a traditional B&B in Cairo, a desert lodge in the Fayoum, Nubian Inn in Aswan and traditional and historic hotels throughout.

The Toastmasters Table

Saturate yourself in oenology on this enophiles odyssey to explore the ancient wine culture of Georgia. Meander through Tbilisi’s wine scene with leisurely visits to cellar doors, wine bar crawls and a visit to a winery in the old capital of Mtskheta. Journey to Telavi, Georgia’s premiere wine destination for long lunches, wanders through the vines and of course tastings a plenty! Visit some of Georgia’s lesser known sites (and lesser known wineries) including the Chiatura Cable Cars and Mgvimevi Convent, as well as a tour and tasting at the fabulous Prince Alexander Chavchavadze House Museum.

What better way to immerse yourself in the viticulture of Georgia but to stay at Chateaus, complete with vineyard and wine themed hotels with fully stocked cellars, offering you the opportunity to taste.

A Sandpit Far, Far Away

*** New departure coming soon ***

Not so long ago in a sandpit, far, far away ,in the heart of Tunisia, a group of travellers journeyed to the sites of epic battles and Jedi mind tricks and sought droids they were apparently not looking for….

It’s easy to see how the scenery in Tunisia was so stimulating to Hollywood in making the beloved films – the otherworldly landscapes, intriguing archaeological sites and curious desert dwellings found here are like nothing else on Earth and instantly transport you to another galaxy.

Discover the sites, sets and locations used in the epic movie franchise on this amazing adventure which will reveal a vivid world both real and fantastical. Journey beyond the screen and step into a land of arid landscapes, troglodyte castles and desert oases, and encounter scenes straight from the lives of great heroes – from the space port where the iconic pod races took place, to the legendary birthplace of Athena and the ruins of the great city of Carthage.

While this trip may be a pilgrimage to the iconic sites of the Star Wars universe, you’ll discover Tunisia a country more colourful and storied than even in George Lucas’s wildest imagination, and revel in the opportunity to bring your very own adventure to life.

In Search of the Mountain Ghost

New departure for October 2023 coming soon.

Prepare yourself for the harsh Mongolian winter in remote Altai Tavan Bogd National Park, as you spend a week with a local tracker in pursuit of the elusive Snow Leopard, Mongolia’s “Mountain Ghost.” Experience one of the last true wildernesses, a place where few travellers venture, at a time when it is covered in a picture-perfect blanket of snow. Go on safari in Hustai National Park in search of Przewalski’s horse, once extinct in the wild, and learn about eagle hunting from people still practicing this ancient way of life on this trip for the hardcore adventure and wildlife lover.

Stay in locally owned and operated hotels, marvel at the hospitality of the eagle hunters and participate in putting together a traditional nomadic ger where will stay while in pursuit of the Mountain Ghost.

Cossacks, Cold War & Cosmonauts

*** This tour is currently on pause ****

Three, two, one and blast off, on a trip that’s once in ten lifetimes! Get as close as a regular human can to space travel with a visit to Roscosmos, the largest working space port in the world, located deep in the desert of remote Kazakhstan. Explore the history of Russian space travel, from the launch of the first man into space and throughout recent history. A hat tip to ‘dark tourism’ this trip also delves into the use of gulags in both Russia and Kazakhstan, as well as the use of nuclear power and weapons by the former-Soviet Union at the Semey test site and the Semipalatinsk polygon. In Russia visit the town of Akedemgorodok, Russia’s ‘Scientific Vatican’, stand on the border between Europe and Asia in Yekaterinburg and tour and ex-Soviet submarine with a crew member. Visit ‘Star City’ in Moscow, check out the Museum of Rocket and Space Corporation and take a tour of a genuine soviet bunker.

Experience the long-distance rail network in both Kazakhstan and Russia, with the Russian section of this trip along the Trans-Siberian Railway and stay in traditional, locally owned hotels throughout.