Our Luxe style trips

Want all the adventure but none of the inconvenience? Sure thing! Enjoy the wonderful hidden gems the destination has to offer while still being able to come back to a comfortable, but still unique roof over your head each night. In addition to more comfortable accommodation, enjoy more included meals, sightseeing and comfortable coach transport where possible.

Due to the nature of the destinations in which Inverted Atlas travels, some destinations or stops may not be offered on our luxe product due to lack of infrastructure and availability of comfortable transport and/or accommodation.


  • Minimum 4-star luxury accommodation (unless otherwise specified) in twin share. Single room supplement available for an additional fee or can elect to share with a traveler of the same sex
  • Coach travel between locations unless not practical, some short local transport experiences included on occasion
  • Breakfast included daily (B) and many other meals as specified in itinerary
  • Most activities included
  • Additional time allocated in some arrival/departure locations to allow for acclimatization to the destination
  • Arrival and departure transfers included always to ensure a hassle free start to your trip

Grand Egyptian Odyssey

Travel in the style of the pharaohs on this odyssey to discover Egypt’s hidden wonders. Explore the ancient necropolis of Saqqara, a place which after hundreds of years of excavations is still yielding valuable discoveries. Visit the subterranean chambers of the step pyramid, previously off limits to visitors, the tomb of the Apis bull and the ‘Bent’ and ‘Red’ pyramids of nearby Dahshour. Explore Siwa Oasis, situated in the middle of the Sahara and venture into middle Egypt to the site of Amarna and the ancient city of Akhenaten in the desert. Explore the west bank at Luxor with an exclusive visit to the tomb of Ay and the Valley of the Monkeys as well as visits to two of the most spectacular of Egypt’s royal tombs, the tomb of Nefertari and the tomb of Seti I. No matter how many times you’ve visited the land of the pharaohs (or even if this is your first time) you will surely find something undiscovered that is sure to impress.

No roughing it at all on this trip! Come back after a hard day’s adventuring to either a unique and historical 5-star hotel, a  friendly luxury B&B, beautiful desert lodges or an opulent Nile cruise boat.

Quest of the Shahs

Follow in the footsteps of Iran’s great Shahs and explore some of its most opulent cities while staying in former palaces, lavish caravanserais and old mansions. Discover the Zoroastrian city of Yazd with a visit to the enigmatic ‘Towers of Silence’ and fire temple, traverse the streets of the ‘half of the world’ and visit the Armenian quarter of Isfahan, and wander through the old mansions of Iran’s most wealthy in Kashan. Gaze in wonder at the ancient city of Persepolis, pay your respects at the tombs of Persia’s ‘Great Kings’ at Tall e-Takht and see a genuine Persian Ziggurat at the Sialk archaeological hills.

Catch a ferry to the island of Qeshm to safari through the ‘Valley of the Stars’ and then onto Kish Island to visit the Kariz underground city. Leave the cities behind and stop over in the ‘Red Village’ of Abyaneh and the village of Varzaneh to gain an insight into village life in this fascinating part of the world.

Luxury tour to Iran