Unique Tours

Inverted Atlas is a Tour operator and Travel company dedicated to helping travelers experience the world in a very different way through our unique tours. We travel through some of the most remote destinations on Earth, as well as places which are considered well-trodden paths. Whether you have never been to the destination before or you’re on your fifth visit, we guarantee that a visit on an Inverted Atlas trip will be unique and like no other.

Inverted Atlas trips include unique experiences like helping out in the Golden Temple in Amritsar in India to traversing the dunes of Sudan and exploring the pyramids of Meroë. Witness traditional shamanic practice in Siberia and watch the sunset over the Aral Sea ship graveyard in western Uzbekistan.

In the evening check in to traditional and unique accommodation. Ever stayed in a tree house in Turkey, a Ger in Mongolia or horse farm in Kyrgyzstan? Included meals will always include the most local options where possible and sometimes you may even learn to cook the food yourself from local people with recipes stretching back generations in their family.

At Inverted Atlas, we promise that wherever possible, everything on our trips will always be a unique experience.

Inverted Atlas in an Australian based tour operator company, with well-traveled staff and local partners all over the world.

Kristina Wilson - UniqueTours

About Our Owner – Kristina Wilson

Kristina is a big part of the logistical and creative power here at Inverted Atlas. Kristina enjoys working out the best way to get from A to B (or sometimes the most fun way) and finding new and exciting things for our travellers to explore and discover while they are on the road with us. Designing unique tours is her passion.

Kristina has a passion for the undiscovered, obscure and weird and deserted places and also for doing things a bit differently. Kristina has travelled to all seven continents including Antarctica and has lived out of a suitcase as a trip leader in Central Asia and on the Trans-Mongolian Railway, as well as travelled widely in other Inverted Atlas destinations. Kristina is passionate about giving back in the destinations which we travel, and it is her mission to ensure as many people benefit from the adventures of Inverted Atlas around the world as possible.

Kristina has worked in the travel industry both in Australia and abroad for over fifteen years, in tour product design, retail travel and front line tour leading. Kristina has a Masters Degree in Ancient History specialising in Egyptology from Macquarie University and is our resident expert on our archaeology tours.

Kristina’s next tour is our Invaders, Traders & Pyramid Builders archaeology tour to Egypt.

What sort of accommodation will I find on an Inverted Atlas tour?

At Inverted Atlas we pride ourselves on the ‘uniqueness’ of our tours. Our promise to you is ‘know where you are from the moment you wake up’ this means where ever you are we guarantee that as soon as you open your eye’s you’ll be reminded that you’re completely immersed in another culture. This could be anything from a small locally owned and operated hotel to a yurt in the wilds of Kyrgyzstan.

Always remember to check the trip description for exact detail on the level and standard of accommodation. Each tour is different and that what unique tours means to us.

How many people will be on the tour?

Most of our tours operate with a maximum of 15, meaning you won’t need to share your experience with too many other people and that you’ll be among like minded travellers.

To find out how many people are likely to be on your tour, check the relevant section of the tour page.

What makes an Inverted Atlas tour different?


At Inverted Atlas our unique tours are different because we don’t just visit the standard attractions that other providers visit. We do visit some of the big box tick items (I mean, who goes to Egypt & doesn’t visit the Pyramids?), but we do this in a unique way and save the bulk of our time for visiting obscure, interesting and hard to reach attractions you might not be able to get to on your own.

Accommodation on our tours is more than just somewhere to hang your hat. We promise you fully immersive accommodation (where ever possible) so that you know where you are from the moment you wake up. You won’t see any big international hotel chains on our tours, unless there is absolutely no other option.

Activities – ever thought you would be able to assist a Mongolian family relocate their Ger for the winter or spend a day with a Bedouin shepherd in Jordan? Well with Inverted Atlas you can. We pride ourselves on not only providing unique tours, but authentic activities and experiences to go with them.

Can I travel with Inverted Atlas if I am by myself?

Of course! And bonus! We don’t believe in penalising singles by charging half the tour price again. At Inverted Atlas, the single supplement you will pay is just the cost of having a room of your own, nothing more.

If you don’t want to pay the supplement, you can elect to share with a person of the same sex (subject to availability).

I’m not sure I’m fit enough for an Inverted Atlas trip, how can I find out?

Great question! Each trip has a section called ‘a note about fitness’ which explains in detail what you are likely to face and what is required in the way of fitness for that specific trip.

At Inverted Atlas we make sure that you are fit enough to undertake your trip, this ensures both your enjoyment and safety, as well as the safety and enjoyment of everyone else on the trip. We will never accept a booking from someone who we feel is less than suitable for the trip they are purchasing.

If you are still unsure, you are welcome to call our team on +61 2 7229 1926 or contact us using this form.