Inverted Atlas – Signature

Our Signature trips

Imagine an adventure into the harsh Nubian desert of Sudan to explore the ruins of the Kingdom of the Kushites or exploring the mysterious Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Take a journey around the coast of the Caspian Sea and then cross the worlds largest inland body of water on a container ship or explore the remote lands of the culture of the Mongols in Inner Mongolia in China and Buryatia in Russia. You can see why these are our ‘signature trips’ – everything about the destination and the journey screams INVERTED ATLAS!

We try to keep the accommodation to the same standard as our unique trips, however, be prepared for anything from 4-star hotels to treehouses and camping in the desert under the stars. A good mix of included sightseeing and free time are included to ensure you really get a feel for these destinations which we’re betting you’d probably only visit once in a lifetime.


  • 3-star unique accommodation in twin share (when available, camping or shared accommodation will be outlined in the itinerary). Single room supplement available for an additional fee (may not be available in all destinations) or can elect to share with a traveler of the same sex
  • Mix of local transport where appropriate and coach travel
  • Meals included as per itinerary usually most breakfasts (B) some lunches (L) and dinners (D)
  • Good mix of free time and included sightseeing and activities
  • Optional activities available for purchase during free time
  • Minimal time in arrival/departure location to maximise time in destinations along the way. Additional nights before and after the trip available for purchase, along with short optional pre/post trips in some locations.

Journey to the Confluence

Venture beyond Lake Nasser into the far reaches of Sudan on this pioneering journey into the forgotten kingdom of Nubia. Visit the deserted archaeological site of Meroë with its tepee shaped pyramids and discover the holy mountain of Gebel Barkal. Cross the Nile to marvel at the enigmatic Temple of Soleb, built by an Egyptian pharaoh for the people of Nubia to worship him as a god. Get to know the warm and friendly people of Sudan both by checking out village life in Wawa and in the chaotic metropolis of Khartoum at the confluence of the White Nile and the Blue Nile rivers.

Begin the journey in Aswan, Egypt by climbing aboard the Lake Nasser Ferry and stay in a range of unique accommodation from permanent tented camps at archaeological sites to homestays in small villages. Best of all, enjoy a land full of wonders and share it with no one except your fellow trip mates – cue the Indiana Jones theme song!

Cossacks, Cold War & Cosmonauts

*** This tour is currently on pause ***

Three, two, one and blast off, on a trip that’s once in ten lifetimes! Get as close as a regular human can to space travel with a visit to Roscosmos, the largest working space port in the world, located deep in the desert of remote Kazakhstan. Explore the history of Russian space travel, from the launch of the first man into space and throughout recent history. A hat tip to ‘dark tourism’ this trip also delves into the use of gulags in both Russia and Kazakhstan, as well as the use of nuclear power and weapons by the former-Soviet Union at the Semey test site and the Semipalatinsk polygon. In Russia visit the town of Akedemgorodok, Russia’s ‘Scientific Vatican’, stand on the border between Europe and Asia in Yekaterinburg and tour and ex-Soviet submarine with a crew member. Visit ‘Star City’ in Moscow, check out the Museum of Rocket and Space Corporation and take a tour of a genuine soviet bunker.

Experience the long-distance rail network in both Kazakhstan and Russia, with the Russian section of this trip along the Trans-Siberian Railway and stay in traditional, locally owned hotels throughout.

**** This tour is currently on pause ****