Create your own trip

If you’re after something a little more personal never fear at Inverted Atlas we can create the perfect trip just for you. We can arrange private trips for 1 – 100 people (probably even more!) where you see and experience exactly what you want. Our private trips aren’t limited to the destinations on our website and aren’t limited to set departure dates. When considering a private trip, you might like to have a think about both of these options.

Private trip

Our private trip option is where we take a trip that is already listed on our website or a trip we have run in the past and set a departure date just for you. You may like to do this trip as a couple of friends, while on honeymoon or as a group of friends. We can set any departure date you like, and we can make minor tweaks, logistical changes and upgrades to the itinerary.

Often if you have a group of 10 or more, a private trip is no more expensive and can sometimes be a cheaper option than booking everyone onto the same trip with a set departure.

Tailor made

The world is your oyster! A tailor-made trip gives you license to plan your trip alongside one of our Inverted Atlas logistical masterminds. As with the private trip option, tailor made itineraries are not limited to the destinations offered on our website and can depart at any time you wish. Engaging us for a tailor-made itinerary means that you can visit literally anywhere you want, if its possible we’ll take you there! Tailormade is a great option if you have a specific interest such as archaeology or food culture, or if you have a specific list of sights and experiences you are trying to tick off.

Tailormade is an especially good idea if you have a group of friends and not everyone is going to be able to agree on the same trip and no one wants to compromise. If you have a group of 10 or more, often a tailormade itinerary is no more expensive and can sometimes be cheaper than booking everyone on the same set trip.

Tailormade allows you greater influence over how the trip is run, and allows you a say in the accommodation, pace, experiences and restaurants used.

Ready to start planning your personalised adventure? Tell us a little bit about what you’re

looking for and one of our Logistical Masterminds will be in touch!