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Anima is a magical garden located in Marrakesh, Morocco. It was created by the famous Austrian artist Andre Heller and features three hectares of gardens interspersed with monumental sculptures by Pablo Picasso, Keith Haring, Alexander Calder and Auguste Rodin. More … Continued

Festivals of India

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India is a vibrant, diverse and colourful country known for its rich cultural tapestry, and its festivals are a testament to this cultural wealth. Throughout the year, the festivals of India make the destination come alive with displays that reflect … Continued

Sala Colonia

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Morocco. It’s colourful. It’s fantastical. It’s noisy. People hassle you everywhere you go. There’s nowhere you can find even a moments peace (this is why we love it), or is there? Sala Colonia or “Chellah” as the locals call it, … Continued

What to see in Morocco

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Wandering through the labyrinthine medinas of Morocco, lost in a tapestry of colours and scents, follow the echoes of ancient whispers in the narrow alleys. The veiled faces of locals reveal tantalizing hints of stories untold, while the call to … Continued