Festivals of India

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India is a vibrant, diverse and colourful country known for its rich cultural tapestry, and its festivals are a testament to this cultural wealth. Throughout the year, the festivals of India make the destination come alive with displays that reflect … Continued

The Great Migration

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Article by Sean Lues at Journeys Worldwide The Serengeti is a vast expanse of grassland and savannah stretching across Tanzania and Kenya in East Africa. It is home to one of the most incredible wildlife spectacles on the planet – … Continued

The Darvaza Crater

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In the heart of the untamed wilderness, where shadows dance upon ancient secrets, lies an enigma born of fire and darkness. A gaping maw carved into the earth’s flesh, the Darvaza Crater beckons with its eternal flame, a mesmerizing inferno … Continued

What to see in Sri Lanka

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Amidst the verdant hills and sun-kissed beaches of this teardrop-shaped island lies a tapestry of enigmas waiting to be unravelled – from the mystical ruins of a forgotten kingdom to the haunting melodies of ancient chants, Sri Lanka beckons the … Continued